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  1. OCTG Tubing - J55, P110 & L80 Tubing, Trident Steel

    Trident Steel represents domestic and international mills, and offers a variety of grades of OCTG tubing including API J55, JFBNAU, L80, and P110. Tubing is used in drilling applications, and serves to bring hydrocarbons (oil or gas) to the surface for processing.

  2. J55, Continental Alloys

    J55. General purpose manufactured to API specification 5CT. Similar to K55, except that the minimum tensile strength is lower. Available in casing dimnesions of 114.3 mm (4.5") to 508 mm (20") Available in tubing dimensions of 26.7 mm (1.05") to 114.3 mm (4.5")

  3. API 5CT J55 Casing Tubing suppliers| J55 Tubing| Steel ...

    The J55 API casing or tubing is a relatively common one in oil drilling. Because of the low steel grade of J55, it is used for shallow oil and gas extraction. Due to its low price among other grades of steel, it enjoys broader applications.

  4. OCTG Tubing, API 5CT Tubing, Ends EUE and Premium Tubing

    Octal provides OCTG Tubing, API 5CT tubing with below grades: API 5CT J55 API 5CT K55 API 5CT N80-1 API 5CT N80Q API 5CT C90 API 5CT C95 API 5CT P110 API 5CT Q125. Ends Type of API 5CT tubing NU Tubing pipe EUE Tubing pipe Premium Ends in API 5CT Tubing. Octal provides API 5CT OCTG tubing pipe with below range of Sizes

  5. International standards for tubing - PetroWiki

    See more on petrowiki.org

  6. API Tubing Grade & Specifications, Engineers Edge, www ...

    J55 has been the "standard" grade for tubing in most relatively shallow (< 9,000 ft) and low-pressure (< 4,000 psi) wells on land. C75: No longer an official API grade and generally not available. It was developed as a higher-strength material for sour service but was replaced by L80 tubing.

  7. Tubing Specifications - Production Technology

    Oct 18, 2017 · Tubing Specifications: Tubing is specified by grade, outer diameter, weight, and connection. API tubing grades correspond to casing grades with the exception that P grade tubing has a tensile strength of 105,000 psi and is referred to as P105. Tubing comes with non-upset (NUE) and external upset (EUE) ends.

  8. OCTG Casing and Tubing Pipe Dimensions & Specificaitons ...

    OCTG Tubing pipe goes inside the casing pipe because it is the pipe through which oil makes its way out. Tubing is the simplest part of OCTG and it is normally found in the segment of 30 ft (9 m), with threaded connection at both ends.

  9. API 5CT J55 Casing Tubing suppliers| J55 Tubing| Steel ...

  10. API Tubing Table - Tarpon Pipe & Supply

    Tubing Table www.tarponpipe.com 1 1.14 1.2 H-40 7680 7530 7530 6360 13300 13300 0.113 0.824 0.73 1 1.14 1.2 J-55 10560 10360 10360 8740 18300 18300 0.113 0.824 0.73

  11. API 5CT Tubing| Bestar Steel

    Bestar steel Co.,Ltd is a professional api 5ct tubing manufacturer and exporter

  12. API 5CT J55 Casing, Canada Steel and Casing Imports

    Petroleum Tubing main steel grade includes J55, N80, C90, P110 and some others. for more details check below Casing And Tubing Tables, Casing Grade Table, & Casing Data Tables. API 5CT J55 Casing: J55 Casing is placed downhole to provide structural integrity to the wellbore and must withstand external-collapse pressure from rock formations and internal-yield pressure from fluid and gas.

  13. Grade J55 Oilfield Steel Casing Pipe - Continental Trading

    Grade J55 Oilfield Steel Casing Pipe. This grade J55 oilfield steel casing pipe is relatively low steel grade along with various types of API 5CT standard products. It can be manufactured both seamless and electric welding process. J55 is available with heat treatment methods as

  14. API 5CT J55 Seamless oil Casing and tubing,OTCG, R3, 13-3 ...

    abter steel pipe,seamless and carbon steel pipe,casing and tubing pipe API 5CT J55 Seamless oil Casing and tubing,OTCG, R3, 13-3/8 Inch API 5CT J55 tubing coupling OCTG Casing Pipe, API Spec 5CT, Grade J55, LTC Thread Type,API 5CT OCTG Casing Pipe, Threaded End, R1, R2, R3,OCTG.

  15. J55 - Energy Alloys, LLC

  16. ENERGY TUBULARS - wheatland.com

    wheatland line pipe capabilities schedule 80 (cbw), api 5l line pipe a25 Line Pipe Capabilities by Mill WARREN LINE PIPE CAPABILITIES (ERW), API 5L LINE PIPE X GRADE

  17. Tubing grade guidelines - Production Technology

  18. Pressure-Temp Ratings API J55 and K55 Tubing Swage

    Therefore, it is the ultimate responsibility of the end user's Piping Engineer to specify the correct pipe schedule and pressure class of fitting that will safely work in his intended application. KK 10/28/14 FOR REFERENCE ONLY Temperature MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WORKING PRESSURE (PSI) AT DESIGN TEMPERATURE (F) API J55 and K55 Tubing Swage Nipples ISO

  19. Octal offers API 5CT Casing & Tubing Pipe in Grade J55/K55 ...

  20. OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS - U. S. Steel Tubular

    Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufactured by U. S. Steel Tubular Products are widely used across the global oil and gas industry. An advanced line of premium and semi-premium connections has been specially designed for today s challenging oil and gas environments, including drilling conditions encountered in shale plays and other

  21. Tubing Coupling, API 5CT, EUE - Trupply LLC

    Q) When will my item ship? A) Most items ship with-in 24-48 hrs. Q) When will I get the tracking number? A) Trupply ship items from multiple warehouses. Tracking number is available 24 hrs after shipping. Q) What is your return policy? A) Trupply offers 100% refund for unused items with-in 30 days. Q) How can I get MTR? A) MTRs are provided upon request.

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